How can you make a good protein shake yourself?

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For what purposes does the body need protein. What time of day does this usually happen? How and from which to make such a drink.

In order to practice at home or in the gym, the athlete should have everything necessary at hand – training equipment, a desire to achieve results and food products that supply the body with the required amount of useful components for muscle growth and recovery.

The main task in the issue of performance is assumed by the protein. It is he who takes part in the construction of muscle fibers and contributes to the achievement of the expected effect.


Proteins and their role in the training process

Protein foods – that is the base that provides stable muscle growth and increased performance at home and in the gym. Proteins entering the body are split into amino acids, which are sent through the bloodstream to various parts of the body and guarantee the growth of muscles.

But in each product, the amino acid composition is individual, so it is worth approaching the choice of diet with all responsibility. So, proteins in the composition of dairy and meat products are considered the most effective for muscle growth. In this case, protein food should be ingested several times a day – in the morning, 2 hours before classes, after training and in the evening.

The problem is that not all athletes are ready to approach the stove 5-6 times a day in order to prepare a suitable dish. There is one more difficulty. The assimilation of meat is a long process. The body during the digestion spends energy, which is unacceptable before going to the gym.

An alternative is a protein shake for muscle growth, which is quickly absorbed and covers current needs. The preparation of such an assistant is possible at home, which simplifies the process and opens the way for the realization of fantasy.


Protein Shake: The Basics

The protein mixture is absorbed faster than conventional foods. The best option is to prepare the composition using dry protein, which is easily diluted with water. You can buy Drostanolone propionate at any sporting goods store. Thanks to special additives in the composition, the finished cocktail is tasty and healthy. But in terms of its benefits, it cannot be compared to a drink made from natural ingredients.

But how to make a protein shake with your own hands? Beginners believe that this is a difficult task, so they go to the store in search of finished products. But this is a mistake – preparing such a composition at home is a matter of 5-7 minutes. All that is required is protein products and a special mixing tool. The advantage is that the composition can be adjusted according to one’s own preference and taking into account current tasks – weight gain, weight loss and so on.

Before taking it is worth considering the following points:

  • In the morning, glucose can be added to the drink. As for the evening intake, here the carbohydrate content should be reduced to a minimum.
  • For assimilation, it is recommended to take a cocktail in a cool form. It is believed that a temperature of 36-37 degrees is comfortable for the stomach.
  • The volume of the mixture should not exceed 250-300 ml at a time. Otherwise, the body does not absorb some of the beneficial components.
  • If there are problems with the digestibility of lactose, it is worth replacing milk with other food products (juice, dairy products, and so on).
  • The calorie content of a cocktail can be different. It all depends on the ingredients from which the product is prepared.

Time of receipt

A protein drink nourishes the body with protein and guarantees muscle growth. But he must do the right thing. The most successful period for use is 35-40 minutes before going to the gym and immediately after the received loads.

If we consider in general, then the technique should be divided into a group of approaches:

  • After waking up . A protein shake is taken in the morning to cover the amino acid deficiency. This is necessary, because for a long time the body was without the food it needed. The absence of useful components after sleep leads to the activity of cortisol, which triggers catabolic processes characterized by the destruction of their own muscle fibers. Prepared at home and timely taken protein drink – a chance to eliminate the shortage of necessary substances. Your morning shake may contain glucose. Its advantage is conversion to glycogen.
  • In relation to training . The intake of components important for the body before the start of the training ensures the coverage of the deficiency of useful nutrients. The latter contribute to muscle growth and their quick recovery after exercise. The body needs proteins and carbohydrates, but it is also impossible to fill a full stomach – this will only interfere with training. After leaving the gym, muscles need proteins for development and growth, and the liver needs to cover glycogen deficiency. Here, a protein shake will come in handy. If you can’t take it in one portion, then it can be divided into two equal parts with a reception in 20-30 minutes.
  • During the day . One of the main tasks for an athlete is to guarantee uniform eating throughout the day. Useful components should be ingested every 2-3 hours to nourish the muscles with the necessary substances. But compliance with this regime is not an easy task. If you make a drink at home and using your favorite products, then everything will be much simpler, because drinking it will take only a minute.
  • For the night . Muscles need healthy elements even at night, so taking a protein shake before bedtime is good. The main thing is to focus on casein proteins, which are characterized by long absorption and nourish the body with amino acids for several hours. As for carbohydrates, they should not be at bedtime. If proteins guarantee muscle growth, then an increased amount of carbohydrates will only lead to an increase in body fat.



Cooking recipes

A protein shake is easily prepared at home. Consider a group of recipes that you can modify according to your preference:

  • Chocolate drink with nuts . This cocktail is suitable for reception before class. It contains whey protein (measuring spoon), skim milk (250-300 grams), grated almonds (80-100 grams) and crumbled chocolate bar (for taste). The advantage is the possibility of cooking at home. All that is required is to pour the protein in one container, pour milk, mix them, then add the almonds and a crumb of chocolate.
  • Hot cocoa – a drink that should be taken before going to bed. To prepare, prepare cottage cheese (0 or 2 percent, 150-200 grams), skim milk (250-350 ml) and cocoa (40-50 grams). The cooking process is simple. Heat the milk, but do not bring it to a boil. Pour cocoa and cottage cheese into a container, pour milk on top and stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained (you can use a blender).
  • Banana-orange cocktail is a variant of the supplement for cooking at home and during the day. You will need low-fat milk (350-400 ml), orange juice (40-50 grams), banana and ice. All components are mixed in a blender until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The advantage of this option is the ability to quickly quench your thirst.





Cocktail recipes are countless. The main thing is to select the ingredients based on the tasks and personal preferences. Remember that such a product is a powerful and safe tool in the matter of mass gain, creating relief and even losing weight.

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